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Benefits of yoga as a health and fitness program

Compared to any form of health and fitness training, Yoga has prevailed for the longest time owing to its market response. However, do you think a continual yoga exercising will lead to overall body fitness? Training expertise and physicians will tell you yes. Yet the benefit does not stop from there. As much as you can maintain a level of fitness through yoga practices, you can become a healthier individual.

Benefits of yoga to its practitioners comprise of;

1. Muscle strengthening

Depending on the type of yoga exercise that you undertake chances are you will strengthen your muscle. As well, maintain several poses for a considerable amount of time ensures that you increase body flexibility. The benefit of yoga over gym muscle building is that, yoga builds a strengthened and masculine injury resistance muscle whereas gym devotees end up with build muscle that are less strengthened and thus susceptible to injuries.

2. You learn about differing health and fitness breathing techniques

Most yoga trainers/expertise will tell you that the power of yoga lies in the breathing techniques you learn about. Thus, you are tough about breathing in each practice when you move into, sustain a certain position and when you move out of that pose. Thus, if you want to grasp the power that comes with breathing, and learn how to join together breathing techniques and benefit fully out of each pose. Thus you get proper inhalation and exhalation that alleviates stress, reduce the rate of your heart beat and augments lung capacity.

Once you augment your lung capacity, you increase the amount of oxygen in your body due to increased lung size. More oxygen means increased conversion of glucose into energy. Therefore, the more yoga you undertake, the more re-energized you feel.

3. Yoga and ageing

Yoga has an anti-ageing health and fitness benefit. The exercises that you embark on every day keeps you physically fit. In the long run, you maintain your younger posture and looks. Moreover to that, yoga prevents diseases such as arthritis, lowers blood pressure (the two diseases mostly affects the ageing generation), chronic fatigue syndrome and asthma. In addition, it helps you loose the extra weight.

It is believed that when you age you loose concentration. Well, that is not the case for yoga practitioners. The fact that you maintain a particular pose for a longer period of time, you improvise body awareness and concentration.

4. Improve your brain activity and mood

Yoga has health and fitness effect of improving your mood. Once you have relaxed, you become happier. The mood will help you carry out any physical task with ease. Such tasks include, touching your right big toe with your left hand whilst you are seated and your legs are intact or, breathing using one nostril. This is the kind of activities that will help increase your brain sharpness.

Thus, you are aware that yoga is not only about stretching. It increases your physical ability, muscle strength and mental activities towards promoting better health and fitness.

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