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Health and fitness for the workplace

Some think of work as being something very gruesome but that may not be the case. People are doing their best to set aside some time to exercise but it is often very difficult because of the busy schedules. Like any other thing, we have the choice to work sadly or happily. A few twists here and there can make a great difference. Here are some tips for those who are working and want to keep fit as well while increasing performance and decreasing fatigue.

Take breakfast like a king. This may be an old saying but it is very important. Breakfast is the fast meal of the day and hence should be a good one. It should be rich in proteins and carbohydrates to perk up metabolism. It also reduces weight gain and work related fatigue. At the office, you should try to limit coffee intake. Coffee may stimulate you for sometime but in the long run may cause drowsiness and lethargy. It does not actually make you fresh but tired in the long run. Only two cups of coffee should be taken in a day.

Take a bike or walk to work. If it necessary that you take a bus, take off a few meters from the workplace and walk the rest of the distance. Take the stairs instead of the lift which makes mind and body awake. During work hours, look for any opportunity to stand. More calories are burnt when standing than when sitting. Stand when taking a call or even request to have a standing desk. You can also take lunch when standing. You can also choose to trade phone calls or instant messages for walks to other departments or offices. While standing, remember to let your feet balance your weight. Also ensure that your knees are slightly bent when standing.

You can also take a brisk walk instead of snacking at the lounge. You can also take a stretch for about 15-30 seconds. This rejuvenates the body making it ready for the afternoon session. You can also choose to put up your feet and relax. Some prefer to trade your chair with a fitness ball. A firmly inflated stability or fitness ball can be good if only you are able to balance the ball safely. You will be able to improve your tone and balance of your core muscles by just sitting in your desk. The ball can also come in handy for wall squats or other exercises in the workplace. In between meetings you can also do arm curls in a way of flexing your muscles.

Taking three meals a day may not be that important. What is important is to have six to seven small amounts of meals in a day. A snack can be taken in between the meals and your energy levels will gradually rise up. Have a good and peaceful sleep as this enables the body to rest.

Remember: Enjoy all that you do if you want to lead a good and healthy life!!!

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