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Male impotence and its effects in life

Health related problems are increasing very rapidly and many of them are still incurable. Thousands of people are dying due to many severe and untreatable health problems. There are different things which become the cause of these health problems. Carelessness of people towards their health is considered as one of the main reasons due to which most of the people become the victim of different health problems. Some health problems are related to sexual life of a person and these health problems are called as sexual problems. Both men and women can become the victim of sexual problems so we cannot say that it is a problem for specific gender. Let us talk about the Impotence in men.

Impotence is also called as sexual dysfunction and it is a problem in which the man cannot have sexual intercourse with his wife. The impotence in men is also known as erectile dysfunction. Penis is the most important part in sexual intercourse and its erection is important too. Without getting enough erection, the man cannot have sex. So the erection of penis is very necessary. Now the question comes that how a person becomes the victim of erectile dysfunction. Well, there are many causes of getting erectile dysfunction and some of them are mentioned below:

• Depression

• High cholesterol level

• Diabetes

• Heart problem

• Spinal cord injury

• High blood pressure

Depression, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level in the body are those things which are commonly found in most of the people. Why people get these health problems? We know that eating habit of most of the people has changed. Now, people like to eat junk food rather than hygienic and healthy food. Such kind of food causes heart problems and high blood pressure. If you are a man and want to prevent yourself from erectile dysfunction, you will have to avoid junk food that is considered to be harmful for the health. Besides this, the office burden and family problems also cause depression problem and it leads to erectile dysfunction problem.

What actually happens in a person who is suffering from erectile dysfunction? In erectile dysfunction, the affected person loses his erection due to less blood flow through the arteries of penis. It is because of either the deposition of oils and fats inside the blood capillaries or the inactivity of an enzyme responsible for the flow of blood. A man, who is a victim of erectile dysfunction and want to enjoy sexual activity, will have to take a medicine that can increase the blood flow through arteries. The blood flow will remain normal for 3-4 hours after taking the medicine and you will be able to have sex. Different medicines are being used for erectile dysfunction treatment. In these medicines, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are well known. Every medicine has its own pros and cons. It is suggested to every victim of erectile dysfunction to consult with a professional doctor before starting the use of any medicine.

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