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Emotional Men

Women and emotions are known to be good friends. Men believe that women cry at the drop of a fat and get emotional. In fact managing womens emotions is a major task for any married man. One area that most men accept defeat is in understanding women and their emotions. But does it mean that men do not have emotions? Of course not. Both men and women have emotions and their emotional well being is critical for their mental as well as physical health. In men logic and reasoning is prominent while in women emotions and feelings are predominant.

When it comes to emotions, there are two important factors that aid women's emotional health. Women emote faster and express their feelings be it happiness or anguish and pain very freely and easily. Thus they are able to get it out of their system faster and are better equipped to deal with issues on hand. Women naturally share their feelings and burden quite freely with one another. Women unburden themselves with their parents, siblings, friends or neighbors etc. Women are found to unburden themselves freely to strangers as well without any hesitation. Thus the women's psyche is built to express emotions without any inhibitions.

Men on the other hand tend to keep their feelings buried within themselves and this can cause a lot of problems for themselves. Life is but full of challenges for both men and women. Men feel the same kind of emotions as a result of their interactions and external challenges involving other people. Stress, anxiety, pain and anguish, frustration etc are bound to be man's companions as well. These are the essential emotions that one needs to share and talk about in order to deal with one's challenges. Bottling up the emotions can cause impairment to mental as well as physical health.

Most often men tend to get depressed but are not aware of it themselves. It is the spouse and other people in the family around the individual who can identify through observing the changes in the man's behavior at home. Men tend to get moody and sulk or become couch potatoes watching TV all the time. In many cases men tend to ignore their personal hygiene and skip bathing and shaving etc. Refusing to shave and not maintaining or brushing hair is one sure shot sign of depression in men. Their behavior pattern and habits at home as well as their interactions with their colleagues reveals the state of their mind. While some men are likely to admit to their emotional problems and feelings and be thankful for the support and offer of help by the family members those who are highly egoistic are not likely to accept the same. Rather their behavior might get aggravated and many men resort to drinking and smoking in order to gain a sense of balance.

Emotional well being is essential for normal functioning. Depending upon the severity of one's emotions and problems professional help may be needed. In most cases talking and listening to by the family members especially the near and dear ones can help unburden themselves as well as find solutions. In cases where men have bottled up their emotions very deep and for a very long time, they might require counseling or psychiatric treatment depending upon the situation.

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