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New Medicine approved by FDA for Heart Problem

In the new research, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new medicine for the heart problem which works very potentially against the Heart failure. After a long research and clinical trials, FDA approved Entresto (sacubitril/varsatan) as a good medicine for the heart problems which decreased the death rate in the society. Heart attack is caused when heart become disable to pump the blood in the bodies and about 5.1 million patients are suffering from this problem in United Sates. Heart problem is also associated with the blood pressure and heart attack and these are primarily reasons, FDA said.

Dr. Norman Stockbridge said, it is known that heart diseases are very common for the death rate and very strong reason of disability in adult people but proper treatment can lead to a healthy life and can enjoy the whole life. Entresto is the new type of the medicines for this problem and it is also known as angiotensin receptor or ARNIs. This drug was trailed on about 8000 people for the heart failure disease and it was noted that there was high decrease in the death rate and hospitalization. According to the FDA, some of the side effects having this medicine related to potassium in the blood, low level of blood pressure and dysfunction of the kidney. Moreover one more problem is angioedema, which is the swelling problem on the lips and face.

Black and some other people who already suffering angioedema high risk of this problem. Whenever, patient are suffering from swelling on face and lips should go through the immediate medical aid so it will provide a betterment of the health. Entresto used is not recommended with the ACE inhibitor which may increase the risk of angioedema and women should stop its use as soon as possible while they are seeking for pregnancy, FDA suggested.

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